Mind is the portal through which the “will” of the universe enters our existence. Through the mind one enters many realms of consciousness and experiences, which are rooted in the movements of the cosmos and all that exist in it.  Through it one enters another mind, still another mind, still another another mind and so on. Features of these different realms of the mind remain unknown and hidden to the creatures who evolve with the movements of the world. Mind thus exists in two spheres: One which belongs to the body, which has formed and actively participating in the law-bound material domain, and the other belongs to the state of existence, which is not realized by the physical body, but which emerges in the physical world by the intervention of the “will” which moves things from imperceptible to the perceptible realm. So there exists a division between the existence which is “known”, and the one which remains “unknown”. The known world is where the existence remains bound to struggles in pursuit of security, survival, procreation etc. Here man discovers one`s potentials and powers to surmount obstacles and achieve higher degree of freedom while seeking one`s goals. Gods of love, hate, wars, wisdom etc. all appear in this realm of the struggle for life. The “unknown” emerges as an unconscious force: It appears with different attributes depending on the pursuit of the will to try to connect to specific desires relating to the inner wonder. This unconscious may appear in the instinctive level, as well as at higher levels of existence, where life seeks to free itself from the bondage of the law-bound world. The higher unconscious is the realm of the creative power of artists, musicians and philosophers for example. In a more transcendental level, where one may connect to the sphere of the pure thoughts, the unconscious may appear as the realm of the Divine.

Every life in the universe is a journey of the “cosmic mind”. The way one seeks to explore the vast wonder, creates the foundation of meanings of one`s life. Vaster the experiences, the more elaborate and colourful the visions of the journey, more rich one`s interactions with the living and the non-living worlds, make the meaning of life more profound and richer. It is like reaching the “Temple of God” through oneself.


Human life is endowed with higher power of the mind. By using this power one may overcome the drag of the instincts, which are common to all animal life. One may overcome the animal instincts by using creative imaginations and power of reflections which can create higher sensibilities arising from the realm lying outside the basic needs. One may thus connect to a transcendental mind which resides in all human beings. By willing to connect to this higher realm one may access information from different dimensions of existence than what may be available through perceptive methods. This is the way of overcoming the bondage of the physical world and attaining freedom from the law-bound sphere.

Man may transcend to even higher spheres and attain even greater freedom and thus experience a realm, which may appear as “Divine”. More one transcends the physical barriers and the drag of the instincts, more one discovers one`s existence as one with the “Cosmic Being”. This higher awareness becomes the foundation of the “universal love” which brings forth the feeling of unity and harmony with all. The goal of life is thus to seek this unity and experience the “universal love”.

An enlightened life is the one, which sets its goal to these ends and engages in activities of life which may guide and inspire other human beings to follow this path. In an enlightened way one`s happiness lies in walking along such a path and helping others in finding the path.

It is a path of freedom from physical bondage. By moving along this path one asserts the power of the creative mind in overcoming the conditions and situations, which may imprison life in the instinctual bondage. It is a journey of freedom in an “Inner Garden” of beauty, harmony and peace, where one experience realms after realms of  “wonder”. It is a journey to know the SELF and reach the “temple of God” within oneself .


What could be an enlightened way of organizing the society and guide mankind to a higher path of social evolution?

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